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For a Minor Reflection

Post-Rock (Iceland)

A post-rock band from Reykjavik, Iceland, For a Minor Reflection is comprised of Kjartan Holm, Guofinnur Sveinsson, Elvar Jon Guomundsson and Andri Freyr Porgeirsson.

From humble beginnings as a hard-rock band practicing in a tiny garage, For a Minor Reflection developed into the instrumental post-rock artists they are known as today.

Often compared to the American band Explosions in the Sky, For a Minor Reflection self-produced their debut album Reistu þig við, sólin er komin á loft... (Rise and Shine, the Sun is Up) in 2007. The hour-long album consists of six songs all recorded over one weekend in Iceland. Becoming wildly successful in Iceland, the band expanded their fame by touring in the United States and Canada.

Icelandic minimalist group Sigur Ros has described them as a band with great potential, and even invited them on a 15 date European tour in November 2008. Known for their alternative sound and energetic live shows, For a Minor Reflection is guaranteed to hook the interest of every audience.

(from the Black Rabbit site)

Past Gigs:
2011-09-17 @ 12:00 : Chaoyang Sports Park (with 30 Seconds to Mars, Wang Wen, Carsick Cars, Rainbow Danger Club, Marianne Dissard, Peng Tan, Weerd Science, Grandmaster Flash, 120 Days, PK14, Perfume Genius, CiaCia, Lil' Ray, Hanggai, Uprooted Sunshine, Gold Panda, Ludacris, Omnipotent Youth Society, Yellowcard, Otakrew)