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Sat 10th Dec @ 21:00 (9:00 PM) - 3 years ago

Yaksa Tour End

Yaksa finish off their China tour tonight at Yugong Yishan with their successful EP and award-winning sound.

Ticket Price: Ticket 80RMB; 60RMB pre-sale/students

Yaksa Metal
Yaksa, (夜叉, Yecha) is a Chinese nu metal band that became active in the Beijing Rock scene in 1997.
Bloom in the Dark Rock
A new band on the scene, Bloom in the Dark (暗绽) is a dark rock band.
Four Five Hard Rock
Four Five (肆伍乐队) is a hard rock group established in 2005 in Beijing.

Where: Yugong Yishan

2-3 Zhang Zizhong Road 北京市东城区张自忠路3-2号


Yugong Yishan (愚公移山) is one of Beijing's top live music venues, pulling both high-profile Chinese indie rock bands as well as cutting-edge foreign bands. With its ex-cinema opulence and second-floor "VIP" room, its status is well earned.

Also Appearing: SHUT UP! SHUT UP!