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Thu 22nd Jul @ 20:00 (8:00 PM) - 5 years ago

Guitar China G3 Live In Beijing 2010

Michael Angelo Baito vs Neil Zaza WITH Tang Dynasty's Chen Lei Live In Beijing tonight at Yugong Yishan.

Ticket Price: Ticket 120RMB; 100RMB pre-sale; 200RMB VIP

Tang Dynasty Heavy Metal
(唐朝 Táng Cháo) is a Chinese ethnic-art rock and prog-metal band that is often credited as being the first heavy metal band in China.
Michael Angelo Baito Rock
Michael is the inventor and the first one ever to play the double V-neck guitar that he calls the "Double-Guitar."
Neil Zaza Instrumental
Neil Zaza is a melodic instrumental guitarist who has become well known for his technical accuracy and adaptation of classical works by Bach and Mozart into his own blend of neo-classical, melodic, guitar instrumentals.

Where: Yugong Yishan

2-3 Zhang Zizhong Road 北京市东城区张自忠路3-2号


Yugong Yishan (愚公移山) is one of Beijing's top live music venues, pulling both high-profile Chinese indie rock bands as well as cutting-edge foreign bands. With its ex-cinema opulence and second-floor "VIP" room, its status is well earned.

Note: Tang Dynasty's guitarist Chen Lei ONLY will be appearing at this performance.